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Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a Big City.

It all started a few years ago when my shift from corporate worker bee to self-employed met an uptick in the explosive Jersey City real estate market. The building where I lived in Harsimus Cove downtown was sold just as my income decreased by two-thirds. I could take a studio in my neighborhood or nearby, or go explore some of those other neighborhoods I had heard about. I found a great space in McGinley Square and opted for the uptown life.

Soon I realized that my view of Jersey City was pretty provincial. This is a big city - Jersey City's 15 square miles stretch from the Bayonne border to the Hackensack River to the Hoboken and Union City lines to the western shores of the lower Hudson River and New York Harbor.

So, I started walking. I rode my bike. I took the bus, the PATH, the Light Rail. I found great stores, wonderful people and the spirit of the ages in the hills and parks and neighborhoods all over town.

Started on Facebook as a community builder for uptown Jersey City residents, the FB Uptown Crew is open now to everyone who appreciates all of Jersey City. And we are feeling it - in a very short time, our FB group has grown to almost 100 members.

You want more, we understand.

This is it. We are the Uptown Crew. We're up here, where the air is rare. Downtown Jersey City, we love you! The invitation is wide open - we welcome you to visit, shop, attend events, and meet the people who pump a lot of life into our fair Jersey City.


  1. I like the initiative, and we will do events uptown very soon..
    keep looking at offoffjc.blogpot.com for all citywide events