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Sunday, October 17, 2010

JC Opens Up the Mic Tour 2010 comes to Monticello Avenue

It was bound to happen. The city-wide open mic tour known as JC Opens Up the Mic started in the Powerhouse Arts District at the Warehouse Coffee Shop, moved up to the Heights at the Lincoln Inn, skirted through downtown at Port-O Lounge. For the next stop, Uptown Crew was hosting and we had to do something just a little bit special.

And so, the next JC Opens Up the Mic is throwing down at Moore's Tavern, aka Bill and Ruth's, at 189 Monticello Avenue, between Jewett and Gardners.

Ruthie Moore runs her tavern the old-fashioned way. Big fun, big drink, Friday night fish fries and a place for community.

We are so excited to bring JC Open Up the Mic to Ruthie's. Your hosts will be the incomparable Middlepoet from Just Add Sound and Stephanie Thornton Bryant of JC Writes. Musical guest is Carolyn Light. And Uptown's very own DJ Neva brings it strong to make the evening a trip around the world.

Reminder about the format: The first part of the evening each open mic group offers up performances by two representative poets/readers. The musical guest breaks it up, and then whoever signed up for the real open mic part of the evening will get their chance to bring their best for your entertainment - and I'm not saying it won't be YOU!

See you there.


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